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Olly Swyers is a Takoma-grown filmmaker and activist. They attended local MCPS public schools and went on to study the world through filmmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University. They have worked in partnership with education, health and entertainment organizations as well as local LGBTQ+ organizers to help tell the stories that shape our world. They are a proud "townie" and have worked in a number of local businesses. They live on Cockerille with their family and their dog Teo. Olly is running for the Takoma Park Ward 3 council seat this coming November.

Why I'm running

I am running for Ward 3 representative because I believe that it is not enough to be progressive, when progress is leaving community members behind. I will fight for equity in development, policing, and housing, transparency in accessibility in decision making processes and climate justice through a revised climate plan that meets our community needs.


Join me in creating a grassroots government where we elevate the voices of those who have been marginalized, cultivate transparent and accessible dialogue, and envision pathways to a more just and equitable future.

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